ISO 14000 Compliant Paint & Plastic Residue Removal

Highly Efficient & Fast

No Part Damage


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Fluidised Bed Technology

Paint Stripping

Plastic Stripping

No Dangerous Waste

Free Cleaning Test & Quotation

Perfect for Painting and Plastic Injection Production Lines

Excellent Results

Very Fast Cleaning Cycle

No Parts Distortion

Free Cleaning Test & Quotation

Fluidisized Bed Cleaning Services for Paint and Plastic Residue Stripping

Industrial Cleaning Solution (ICS) offers a fast, efficient, and environment-friendly cleaning method, complying to the future requirements of ISO14001.

Our technology has excellent cleaning results within a short time, for a very extensive range of materials, including dry/wet paint, powder coating, plastics and paint sludge production equipment, without the management headache of waste disposal of old-fashioned methods of cleaning such as chemical treatment, sand blasting and water jet cleaning.

Based near Bangkok - Thailand, in the Sriracha sub-district, amid several main industrial estates, we are able to pick-up and deliver the parts to your factory’s doorstep.

We specialize in the cleaning of many industrial parts, such as Paint Removal from Jigs, Hangers, Grids, Skids and paint line accessories, as well as Plastic (PE/PP/PC) Removal from Molds, Extrusion screws, Nozzles, Hot-Runners and Injection parts.
Perfect for Difficult to Clean, Expensive and Sensitive Parts
Hot-Runners Cleaning
Nozzles Cleaning
Extrusion Screws
Extrusion Screws Cleaning
Die-Cast Molds
Die-Cast Molds Cleaning